When Enough Is Enough

March 16, 2017


Yeah…We’re all different.

We all have different triggers.
Some are financial, some are spiritual. Some are based on self preservation, others are based on spreading abundance.

It’s not for me to judge one way or the other and it’s definitely not for me to measure your standards by mine or vice versa…But here’s what I do know.

There comes a point when enough is enough.
There come’s a morning when we wake up and think WTH have I done with the last 20 years?

Don’t get me wrong…We can all find the amazing amongst the past years and we should never devalue what we have achieved so far but…
Look at today… Then look at tomorrow… Then look at the next day. How does it look?

Compare those days with the days that the 21 year old version of you wanted to be experiencing?

I know what it feels like to wake up tired.

And I don’t mean tired because I’ve only slept a few hours. I mean tired because of the same reason you do…

20+yrs of working your ass off to sit here, look forward and only see more of the same.

But what’s the plan?…
Staying tired?

People complain about the system. They blame education. Blame their boss. Blame their spouse. Blame everyone they can but the truth is, we have no one to blame except us unless we do something about it.

We live in the most information rich time in the history of civilisation.
The most free and diverse time in our entire existence when we can tap into not only our own potential, but the potential of any number of winners that have gone before us!

I tap into those people daily.
I’m shaping my life daily.

Am I winning yet?

Well that depends whose standards we measure by, and that answer is mine alone…

Just like your answer, is only YOURS.

No Good Ever Came From Regret...MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!

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