What Is A Scam?

September 3, 2015

What Is A Scam? – Definition provided by The Business Directory here

No… really? What is a scam today??  I ask, because I think its become a much over used word these days. That in itself poses a problem for individuals looking for answers. You see, when a word becomes over-used, it loses meaning, it loses context and as a result the word itself becomes mis-trusted.

Hmm, how to explain what I mean? OK…here is an example. My kids say, “I hate Sundays” or “I hate the rain” or they hate whatever. DO they? Do they really have such strong vindictive  feelings towards it? No, of course not! They don’t even understand the meaning of that word, it’s just become part of society’s language. It’s become the norm.

And there is the problem with SCAMS. The problem is that most of them aren’t!  Joke about mis trust and doubtSomeone gets short changed doing their weekly shopping at Tesco, “Darling, the cashier Scammed me!”.  Someone gets involved in business that fails, “Everyone…I Got Scammed!”….No People!! Stop using the word out of context. A Scam is as described in the link above. A purposeful attempt to defraud.

There are people out there every week, genuinely being scammed. Genuinely being duped and de-frauded. There are people looking to basically steal cash out of our pockets through ACTUAL real life SCAMS, so marketers, please, stop crying wolf! It helps no one.

Over time, my page “What is a scam – avoid these…” is likely to grow.

I expect most will be warnings of poor support, poor products or services, poor websites, poor management and in general just shoddy business practise. But if I don’t cry “SCAM”, its for one simple reason…That they are not. They are just cr** businesses. There is a difference. My article about Getting Started Online gives some useful do’s & don’ts for avoiding scams or poor quality businesses. I hope it helps.

I do hope that makes some sense, but I’d be interested to know whether you agree or disagree? I know my thoughts are often different to the masses but hey, who wants to follow the herd!?

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