Traffic Sources & ‘Rev Shares’

November 13, 2015

Why Buy Traffic?

Every business needs traffic to thrive.

There are many types of online traffic sources available.  On this page I list SOLO AD VENDORS & REVENUE SHARING TRAFFIC EXCHANGES

What Is A Rev Share?

A Revenue Sharing Traffic Exchange is an online business which provides a platform for marketers to promote their business.

These businesses are promoted via ‘an exchange’.  Members join the traffic exchange and are able to promote their own business/biz app in exchange for viewing other peoples.

It is a very niche market, making it a good place to promote business opportunities or tools/resources that will appeal to the home based business owner.

These traffic exchanges provide additional advertising services and the revenue that is generated from the sale of advertising is shared with the paying and participating members of the site.

The more adpacks you own, the more rev share you earn.

Earnings can be as high as $500-1000 per day (For some time I exceeded $1200 per day with my number 1 Traffic Exchange) but these businesses are susceptible to change & the market can be unstable.

As such I recommend using them as PART of a strategy, NOT as a sole income source on their own.

Recommended Rev Shares:-

My Paying Ads – Adpacks from $5.00. Free membership. Well established.

My24 Hour Income – Adpacks from $5.00. Free membership. FORCED withdrawals (you must withdraw your earnings). Free social media training.

My Advertising Pays – Adpacks from €50.00. Longest established Rev Share of it’s type. Transparent management.

FutureAdPro – Adpacks from $50.00. Unique business model. Backed by a social/multi media platform. Well respected.

Recommended Safe List:-

A safe list is a database of agreeable marketers/biz app seekers who have opted into receive your mailings.

You can mail your advert/email/link numerous times depending on the terms of the list.

Leased Ad Space – $7 start. Mailings available every 48hrs. Peer to peer earnings. (You earn from referrals and other peoples referrals)

 Solo Vendors

UDIMI – Solo Ad Network. 100’s of Ad Vendors all in one place. View ratings, reviews, feedback, etc.

Traffic For Me – Solo ad provider. Very targeted. High quality. Great training videos on the website.