Traffic Monsoon & Paypal [Update]

June 30, 2016

Traffic Monsoon & Paypal [Update]

February 11th 2016!

The date that every Traffic Monsoon-er has etched in their memory.

That was the day it was announced that Paypal and Traffic Monsoon had ceased their working relationship and the landscape of online marketing appeared to change overnight for over 1 MILLION online marketers!

(If you have no idea what happened back then, this article is probably less relevant to you but feel free to check out the old news here.)

So what now? A Traffic Monsoon & Paypal Update!…

We are 5 months into the 180 day holding period. There are only around 5 weeks left between now and the start of our money being released by Paypal.

What have you done during the last 5 months? How has your business grown? What platform have you positioned yourself on in order to take advantage of the impending re-launch?

Traffic Monsoon Re-Launch?

Many of you will be saying…”re-launch? What re-launch?”…

Well, think for one minute, not as a member who has done nothing, but think as a member who has absorbed themselves in the business for the last 5 months. Who knows what Traffic Monsoon is, what it’s all about, is excited by the momentum, has been to the meetings where guests literally have to sit on the floor or stand in corridors because there are so many in attendance…

Think for a minute about how THOSE members are going to treat the next few weeks! Traffic Monsoon (the business) isn’t actually re-launching… It has no need, it never went anywhere! It has just got bigger, better and stronger BUT…Us SERIOUS members, we are using this opportunity to ‘re-launch’.

If you’ve been sat idle, playing safe and just biding your time until August, here’s what I’m going to suggest.


Get back in touch with your sponsor. Get involved in whatever social media group supports you and your team. Pick up where you left off but go faster and harder than before.

This business hasn’t only risen to one of the biggest challenges any online business can face…It has come out of the other side stronger and no matter what any one says to you about this business, there can be no debate. TRAFFIC MONSOON is the strongest, most credible, ethical and beneficial businesses available online right now. It has ‘In Demand’ services and an income opportunity with serious longevity.

There are many exciting things on the horizon (as well as many that you may have missed if you’ve been inactive Click Here for the latest) and I want to share those things with you all as they are rolled out.

But…Look back…Paypal withheld over $60m for 180 days! Over $60m!!! Many lessons have been learned from that. Learned by the business and by us individual members, but Paypal release is around the corner and times are about to get very interesting!

Personally, I expect monies to be released in stages rather than all at once.

That gives those of you who are waiting to ‘take your money & run’, an opportunity to re-engage with TM and see for yourself what is happening. For those of us getting back to business as usual, it would also help manage a huge influx of activity on the website.

(For the record…This is only my assumption and it is a suggestion that has been made to the CEO. It is yet to be confirmed how the roll out will be managed).

Whether it be over a matter of days, a week/two or all in one hit, YOU NEED TO BE BACK INVOLVED!  If you have been asleep for 5 months its time to wake up!

Feel free to hit me with any questions in the comments section or touch base with me/your sponsor via the social media groups. I can’t wait to see you all active again!

Rich Green

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