The Real Online Sales Pro Review

March 7, 2017

I’ve been on the ‘inside’ of Online Sales Pro for a few weeks now so I wanted to give a Real Online Sales Pro Review from a real member’s point of view.

If you know anything about me, you know that my reviews are REAL, and I highlight both Pros & Cons so I hope this goes someway to helping you make a decision whether Online Sales Pro is a good fit for you and your online ambitions.

The Real Online Sales Pro Review

Score out of 10: 7/10
 Cost: Membership – $37per month.  Optional Upgrade - $97per month
 Offers: Annual membership discounts available. $297 and $997
 Behind the scenes: Joel Kellmen / Grady M. Polcyn / Vincent Ortega Jr

OSP PNGWhat Is Online Sales Pro?

Online Sales Pro is a tool suite.

It’s an online solution that offers a number of tools and resources to help grow and sustain a business.

Basically, if you want to capture an audience and sell them your product, service, tool or even your idea, Online Sales Pro is a way to do that.

In 2014 Joel Kellmen, the guy behind LeadLine branched off and created what is now recognized as one of the more cost-effective lead management and sales funnel suites in the marketplace.

As a result of collaborating with various 7 figure marketers and leveraging their networks, Online Sales Pro has created a significant footprint in a relatively tightly guarded niche.

As an Online Sales Pro member, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of Lead Capture pages and/or sales funnels for your businesses.

If you do not have a business, you can promote Online Sales Pro as an affiliate and generate a recurring monthly residual income using the pre-built pages and sales funnels that do the selling for you.

All leads that are generated, as a result of these pages, are captured in your Online Sales Pro CRM (or your own autoresponder) and are automatically followed up by email on your behalf.

These leads are accessible via the website and also via the OSP Mobile App which can be used to contact Online_Sales_Pro_App_Reviewyour leads in real time via email, text or phone call…At the touch of a button.

The system can be used for creating stand-alone pages that capture an audience’s email address/name/number or a combination of.

It can be used to build full sales funnels and it has the functionality to allow this pages/funnels to be cloned by other users if you give them the page ‘SHARE CODE’.

Additionally, the latest upgrade ‘Quick Editor’ now allows pages to be built via a mobile device or phone.

The system has a number of training resources included which deliver video and audio training on how best to utilize the system and how to monetize your leads.

The package includes

What Are The Pros & Con’s

The Good:

The Bad:

Will Online Sales Pro Help Me?

Online Sales Pro is a low entry price and aimed at the Online Marketer, Network Marketer & Affiliate Marketer.

There are a number of other markets that can benefit from the software including Marketing Agents/Consultants, Franchises or SME’s.

Essentially there are 4 markets:

  1. Individual business owner/entrepreneur wishing to professionally capture the attention of an audience.
  2. An offline business wishing to make an impact Online and/or professionally capture its customer contact information whilst promoting products and offers.
  3. Existing marketing business that wants to add an additional service to offer their clients.
  4. Business Opportunity seekers that wish to generate income by promoting and selling OSP on a larger scale.

If you represent any of those markets, you will find a software like Online Sales Pro to be a valuable asset.

What About Training & Support?

Inside Online Sales Pro are a number of resource pages and training videos. These videos elaborated on the functionality of the system as well as the social & online marketing space

There are hundreds of hours of videos based around generating income from the
online space.

Additionally, the co-owners host regular ‘Facebook Live’ shows to covering various training topics.

What If I Need Trouble Shooting & Tech Support?pexels-photo-2

Online Sales Pro has a 24hr Live Chat facility.  Although it is not manned every 24hrs, the support team appears to be very responsive and to date, they have always followed through on any support requests.

In contrast to many support teams that exist behind the scenes, I would give OSP Support a 9/10 for their attentive work ethic and swift manner of resolving issues.

Furthermore, the ownership & support team are always willing to listen to constructive feedback and adapt their platform accordingly.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

The pricing structure is relatively simple with Online Sales Pro.

There are 2 memberships:-

  1. OSP (full tool suite & training)
  2. MVP (additional customizable online store, additional closed Facebook group, additional higher level training)

Each membership can be purchased monthly or annually. The annual option provides a discount and the annual MVP cost also waives any OSP costs. The annual OSP membership is known as VIP membership.

How Does Online Sales Pro Compare?

As mentioned in earlier statements, this is quite a closely fought niche.

Below are some of the competition and my brief comments on them.

Clickfunnels 05-clickfunnels-logo– The best in this field but expensive for new starters or entry level marketers.  CF is aimed specifically at the high-end affiliate marketer or marketing consultants (although a very comprehensive training program is included for new starters wanting to upscale rapidly).  The entry level is $97 pm upscaling to $299 pm for the full tool suite.

Clickfunnels includes a dedicated autoresponder and is as customizable as most people could ever hope for.   Find out more >>> HERE <<<


power-logoPower Lead System – A good alternative but less easy to use.  It is more expensive and built on an MLM model so there are a number of confusing levels to purchase but to use the full tool suite and be an affiliate (equivalent to OSP) the cost is $53 pm.

PLS is a strong option if building sales funnels for a team to use (the share function is better/easier) however the page builds are way more complex and advanced users may wish to use their own developers then integrate pages into PLS. (an option that is not available in OSP).

Find out more  about PLS>>> HERE <<<

From experience, many new starters with PLS, only use the pages that are built for them by other people. In contrast, new starters with OSP appear to enjoy the simplicity of building a range of pages themselves and are able to get started almost immediately as no training is required…The Online Sales Pro platform is very ‘common sense’.

What If I Just Want To Sell Or Promote OSP

Online Sales Pro has a straight forward affiliate offer.Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 16.36.09

Although affiliate offers may not be as ‘sexy’ and ‘exciting’ as MLM offers, Online Sales Pro is saved by the sexy way it presents the offer.

The #1 affiliated member is Vincent Ortega Jr (7 figure earner online) and Vincent creates some very exciting promotional material that can be used by any member.

There are multiple pages and sales funnels inside the system that have been built specifically to promote the Online Sales Pro tools suite and if you choose to market those pages, they convert very well.

Some of those pages sell the tool suite as a product & some of them sell the lifestyle as a result of the opportunity.

Monthly commissions are paid based on the number of monthly memberships sold and the commission is very generous. (see the image).

The beauty of Online Sales Pro’s monthly membership is that commissions are also MONTHLY. You are paid each month for work that was done in the past.  This is known as ‘Residual Income’.

I’ll provide a more thorough review of the income opportunity in a later post however, although income levels may vary, 4 & 5 figures incomes appear to be commonplace, 6 figure incomes are certainly possible and are achieved by some.

What Does That All Mean?

Overall, Online Sales Pro is a tidy, functional tool that can benefit any number of people & businesses.

I am aware of members using it to create a page to sell their car…create a page to promote their daughters Girl Scout cookies and much more.

It falls short of the high-end option, due to the lack of layout customization and the lack of reporting that is available inside the software, however, that is made up for by its ease of use, the adaptable templates, its cool & contemporary feel, plus the great support/training.


osp mobile appI have given a 7/10 (a high mark in my books) as I struggle to see how many mainstream marketers would not benefit from what OSP has to offer. Even if your skills eventually outgrow it

If you are looking to capture more leads for your business/interest and want to convert more visitors or inquiries, then you certainly need a solution like this and Online Sales Pro represents exceptional value for money.

If HTML code, big monthly subscriptions & building sales funnel for corporate businesses ARE NOT your thing, then Online Sales Pro is likely to be perfect for you.

Find out more about the app by visiting this full system demonstration >>> Right Here <<<

As a BONUS, when you join Online Sales Pro, let me know you joined as a result of this Real Online Sales Pro Review and I will build you a Lead Capture Page for any business that you are promoting and provide you with the share code to use it yourself in any of your own marketing.

Remember to connect with me on social media visit –

If you’ve had experiences with OSP or any of the other systems mentioned, hit me with some comments and feedback. I’d love to hear from you.


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