The Dollar Cost Of Success AND Failure

June 22, 2016

The Dollar Cost Of Success AND Failure

So today, I got thinking about life…(I know, I know…This sounds like it’s going to be deep!)

I was thinking about the cost of success and that brought me onto thinking about the cost of failure?

Now…I know that other people, guru’s, trainers and mentors often talk about that cost. But they also usually relate the cost to non-tangible’s like time? Emotion? Skills? Love? etc, etc…

I just want to talk for a minute, about the Dollar Cost of Success and Failure.

Now before I do…I want to be transparent…I’m no millionaire yet, but I’ve travelled the hard road between no income (government support) and earning 5 figures a month (both on and off-line) so I’m pretty well positioned to touch on this subject.

It’s the subject of Mr/Mrs Average…

You probably have a better idea than I do, of the “average” income wherever you are in the world? Over here in the UK it’s around £24k per year.

So what does the lifestyle of a £24k per year household look like?

Well, I’m generalising a bit here but, any family man with an average household income certainly doesn’t have the cars and house that he likely aspired to.

He doesn’t have the holidays…In fact he’ll be lucky if he has 1 holiday (and it will likely be short and not very far away or glamorous).

He doesn’t have the money to provide him or his family with the social life, hobbies and interests that they crave.

He doesn’t have the money to put his kids through higher education and he doesn’tcouple-stressed-about-money_main have the money to put away for a secure future.

In fact, his ‘alone time’ is likely spent mentally or physically juggling money between bank accounts, credit cards & lending.

Scary? Perhaps. Familiar? I hope not.


Let’s just be clear though…This isn’t make believe! This is real life happening all around us in one of the most advanced countries in the world. This ‘average guy’ has a roof over his head and looks like everything is ok but inside he is dying! Inside he is crushed! Inside he knows that the younger version of himself would be devastated if he’d have known this is all life had to offer.

By his standards he is failing…He has failed. And at the end of the year he doesn’t have a penny to show for it. Not a dime. Very few memories of great experiences…AND NOT A PENNY!


So lets flip the coin…

And I don’t mean go crazy, talk about millionaires or ‘life of our wildest dreams’ kinda stuff…

I mean, Mr Average. The guy above ^^^. What would it take for his life to feel like he was succeeding and like it was all worthwhile?

Maybe a decent holiday? Less over-time at work? Perhaps a newer car? What about being able to pay for his kids football & dance lessons? A few more great date nightsHappy-family1 or weekends away with the wife? Or just a chance to drive from A-B without his mind going over and over his finances?

I don’t know…I’m just throwing around ideas. But they are ideas based on my experience and the experiences of those around me.

Mr Average could dramatically change his life and the life of his family if he had what? Maybe an extra £5-6k per year? 

It is COSTING him £24,000 per year to fail…Yet he is less than £500 per month from relative success!????

Why do I share this thought?

I share it because I know of so many people who avoid trying to make it online because they don’t think they’ll ever be able to make hundreds of dollars/pounds per day!

They see the BIG BUCKS and think, “I could never do that!”

Do you know what I say to that? I say SO WHAT!

A hungry man doesn’t need a feast to thrive! Just an extra meal a day can make more difference than most will even attempt to understand.

So now, it’s back to you…

I don’t know if you’re Mr/Mrs Average. I don’t know if you are nearer or further from achieving your goals. But what I do know is this. I have an answer. We have an answer. And without any hype or spin…I want you to take it seriously. Yes, big money is on the table, but ignore that and look at the small leap between YOUR VERSION of failure and success. Lets help you make that leap.

Find out more about me and my story by clicking here.

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If someone else sent you this post GET BACK TO THEM!

They have your best interests at heart and likely have a feast…Chances are, they want you to take your first meal!

Lets make a difference together.

To Your Success

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