What Is The Traffic Monsoon Card?

June 30, 2016

What Is The Traffic Monsoon Card?

So at long last, after months of speculation and planning, Traffic Monsoon have launched their payment card!

But what is it? What is the Traffic Monsoon Card?

Well…To be absolutely clear…This is breaking news so the finer details are sketchy.

Much of this article is a combination of past releases, fragmented updates, personal experience and common sense.

I have seen people desperate for this card to be released for weeks, but now it is here, this same people are moaning because the release has been rushed and details are sketchy??? There really is no suiting some people.

Anyway…What is the Traffic Monsoon Card?

This is a ‘Top Up’ debit card which is linked to your Traffic Monsoon account. It is likely to be the method of choice for most Traffic Monsoon Members who wish to withdraw earnings and it will make the process so simple!

Here are a couple of the reported benefits:-

To date I have used Paypal (no longer available) and Payza for my Traffic Monsoon withdrawals and both have been incredibly swift. The difficulty and delay arises when you wish to take money from those processors to your bank.

With this new card process, withdraw funds will be available immediately and can be taken from any ATM worldwide!

For those of you who are not involved in Traffic Monsoon, your earnings are paid hourly into your Traffic Monsoon account. You can click WITHDRAW at any time (subject to a minimum withdraw amount) and you have the money instantly on your card.

My card is on order and I will update as soon as I have but the system to test.

To find out more about Traffic Monsoon & my story, visit this page.


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