Online Sales Pro Sales Funnel Examples

October 13, 2016

In this post I’m going to share an Online Sales Pro Sales Funnel.

This example has been built for my team and I (plus anyone else involved with the same business opportunities) and is a multi page sales & training funnel which includes lead capture and sign up options.

It has been built under my ‘BOSSX Formula’ brand and follows the BOSSX concept.

BO + SS + X = Success (Business Opportunity + Sales System + eXposure)

If you or your team are involved in (or want to be) Leased Ad Space, My 24 Hour Income or Online Sales Pro feel free to follow the formula and take advantage of this sales funnel to grow your businesses –

Page 1 – Lead Capture (This can be inked to one of 4 mainstream autoresponders, aweber, getresponse, etc)…

The BOSSX Formula

Page 2 – Sales page to sell the concept, describe the process, the benefits, my story & the results…

The BOSSX Formula

Page 3 – Sales page for Leased Ad Space ‘in depth’ & joining/set up instructions

The BOSSX Formula

Page 4 – Sales page for My 24 Hour Income ‘in depth’ & joining/set up instructions

The BOSSX Formula

Page 5 – Sales page for Online Sales Pro ‘in depth & joining/set up instructions

The BOSSX Formula

Page 6 – Sales page for the corresponding ecampaigns and training about paid advertising


This funnel system was built from one of the standard templates within Online Sales Pro and can be edited by both the creator and by ‘shared users’.

The shared user function allows the funnel creator to provide a code to any other Online Sales Pro member. The member can input the share code into their own system and receive a clone of the original page.

These pages can then be edited to include the new users links/button destinations.

The only negative about the system so far is, the inability to ‘open in a new window’ when clicking a button on any of the pages. ┬áThis causes some, but minimal, frustration if the training is on a sales page but by pressing the relating button, the visitor is taken away from said page.

To see The BOSSX Formula in action and get involved in the 3 primary programmes within that formula – CLICK HERE

To see Online Sales Pro in action and how you can use it to promote any business/programme that you’re involved in – CLICK HERE

To see Online Sales Pro as a stand alone business opportunity and how you can generate an income from promoting it – CLICK HERE

To your success,

Rich Green (TheKC)


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