How To Use Paid Advertising (Without spending your money)

September 2, 2016

Can that even be possible? Spending money on paid advertising, WITHOUT spending your own money?

I’m not talking about borrowing it, or about doing anything underhand…But I am talking about working smart!

Here’s a strategy that will help show how to use paid advertising without spending your own money. – Freedom Project

Working Smarter…

The biggest failure of most online marketers is caused by the LACK of exposure/traffic.

Many marketers think spamming their links across Facebook is good enough.

They fail (obviously). They get angry, feel bad, blame the business and create enough pain inside themselves to find the money to move on to a different business (If they don’t quit entirely).

But here’s the thing…

In most examples, the business wasn’t the problem.  The problem was the lack of eyes looking at the offer/business.

Unfortunately though, many of these people convince themselves that they don’t have the money to pay for traffic (or convince themselves they don’t need it).

They use these excuses to hold them back but ironically, once they have failed enough, they somehow magically find the money to join a different business (where the entire cycle starts again!)

Now, I’m going to assume that the above description is NOT you? You are reading this article so obviously understand the need for traffic…Even if you don’t have the funds to pay for it.  So what do I propose?

The Proposition…

What if you could find yourself in a position where you had $50 per week (min) spare?

What if you had an almost completely passive, non conflicting income that generated you $10 daily revenue without spamming or Guerrilla Marketing.

Could you (and here is the killer question) COMMIT to NOT blowing the money on cr&p? Nights out, food, drink, clothes, or any other STUFF?

Because, remember, this would be EXTRA money!

Could you commit to investing that money back into yourself & your business by purchasing quality traffic?

You see, that is the first level of my entire business strategy.

The Strategy…

My strategy is built on 3 stages…

Level 1 – No referring, almost passive, $17 one off cost, build to $200+ income, USE IT AS AN EXPENSE ACCOUNT.

Level 2 – A primary business opportunity, an online sales system, and prescribed traffic plan. $200 marketing cost per month (from level 1 profits). Build it to $1000+ per month.

Level 3 – A mid/high ticket affiliate offer and automated sales system. $500min marketing cost per month (from level 2 profits). $1k+ commission PER SALE.

Back To Basics….

If you have ANY business, you need traffic. You can either pay for that from your own pocket, from your business profits (if you have any yet) or build an ‘expense account’.

My Level 1 strategy is your expense account!

Head >>> here <<< to take a better look at it. Watch the videos. Get involved and tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Once you’re up and running, remember to join my closed FB group for plenty hints, tips and success stories.

To your success.

Rich Green (TheKC)

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