Dealing with Adversity

March 17, 2016

I just sent the following out to my subscribers…maybe the email content will resonate with you?

Ok, so you get my auto e-mails, my regular broadcasts and my videos but…
Time to get real for a minute!

You’ve probably spotted the irregularity of my broadcasts over the last few weeks,
or maybe noticed I’ve not been as accessable as I have been in the past?

See each and everyone of us, whether guru, newbie or somewhere inbetween…
We’re still real people and I just wanna remind you of that.

The last 5 weeks have probably been some of the toughest of my life on a personal
level and I’ve had huge ongoing distractions (still do) mainly centred around
relationship & health.

Those of you closest to me might have an idea of the impact that some of this is
having but I don’t share this with you for sympathy or anything close to that…

I share it to re-inforce that these people, the ones like me, the people that you
join in business (or watch from the sidelines) are no different to you or anyone else.

We all have sh*t going on in our lives. The BIGGER your life,No_problem the BIGGER the
sh*t sometimes…Whats the point in living small?

No one ever knows truly what is going on behind closed doors and if you, like me,
are dealing with any sort of personal struggle, you will probably know the impact that
money and/or the people around you can have!

2 things drove me to opening up and writing this e-mail today…

One was a statement from someone I used to know.
It hit home…In a big way and got me thinking about how I run my life and my
business. Hopefully it will help you too…

She said “If you make your self that easy to lean on, what do you think people
are gonna do?”

It was a great point! Kinda re-wording it…Here’s my take on that…”If you make
yourself too easy to lean on, you’ll spend your life propping people up!”

Whether in life or in business, we should not be propping anyone up but ourselves!
Take control! Our destiny is exactly that…OURS! And no one should be able to take
that away from any of us.

(Sidenote…Do not confuse “propping up” with “helping & supporting”
In business, my mission is to help & support people the best I can to lift them
to a position of financial freedom)

Now here’s a beautiful thing…While I’ve had my head in the clouds dealing
with “stuff” my income has not only continued, but it has continued to GROW!

Genuinely…If you understood the power of passive income, you would smash
through walls to get it because it’s vital to help anyone get through
life’s challenges!

In addition to the income, I have been surrounded by some of the most humble, helpful,
supportive people you could wish to encounter. Thats_DeepPeople who I didn’t even know only
a few short months ago. But people who, probably like you, are striving for a better
life and understand the challenges that can be thrown our way.

These people have become true friends who I’m forever grateful for! You know who you

Finally, I saw this video today. – Click Here for ‘The Comeback’
Whether you’re a UFC fan or not, you must have admiration for this man.
He is someone who I have the upmost respect for!

Not for his fighting ability (although he could probably take me out within a few seconds)
but for his philosophy, his outlook on life and his ability to bounce back.
I suggest you watch this if you’re going through any kind of difficulty right now.

The inevitability of life is that we will all suffer loss, grief, break up, poor health
or no end of other challenges. To thing otherwise is just naive.

When you encounter yours, I hope your surrounded by amazing people and have a passive
income to support you…They are priceless!

If you need either of those things in your life, come back to me asap and I’ll make sure
either me, or one of my team are able to help you get started!

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