Beon Push English Review – 2016

March 1, 2016

Beon Push English Review – 2016

Score out of 10: 8/10
Cost: Member Registration – FREE.  Affiliate Activation – $20min. 
Behind the scenes: Ferki Demirovski


Whats It All About?

Before we start this Beon Push English Review, it is important to know that it’s being reviewed from the inside.

You’ll often read reviews from people trying to convince you to buy this/that/the other by reviewing “the next big thing” and then re-directing you to their own latest offer but I believe every review should be impartial and only conducted by someone on the inside.

‘Hear say’ & ‘Chinese whispers’ aren’t platforms for accurate reviews.

I ensure that my reviews are all comprehensive, real and valid to the reader…Hence I always participate before being prepared to review.

Please let me know your thoughts, feedback and comments once you have read on…

So, here we go…

Beon Push is a ‘Rev Share’ business which has built its sharing platform around the RTB digital ad space.

It is unique in the fact that, to date, no other Rev Share business has been able to do this successfully.

This short video explains RTB in more detail and it gives a really clear picture of how technologically advanced the world has become.

Now, for the sake of clarity, RTB (Real Time Bidding) is not invented/created by Beon Push. RTB is an existing premium industry which Beon Push has created a business around.

Real Time Bidding is the latest revolution in digital advertising and Beon Push have utilised it to the extent that they have been able to build a revenue sharing distribution model around it. (I’ll come back to revenue sharing in a moment).

The easiest real life analogy that I have found to describe RTB is that feeling of being spied upon by Facebook?

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience when opening Facebook, we have seen adverts that are just TOO ACCURATE. Perhaps the exact model, shape or size of product that we were recently discussing or maybe even looking at on a completely different electronic device? It’s freaky isn’t it! Maybe even a bit unerving, that you look for a Dyson Vacuum cleaner on your smartphone, and then log onto your laptop and get hit with ads for Dysons!

It is this level of accuracy that makes RTB one of the most expensive (yet best value) types of digital advertising. It’s that PREMIUM product that has amazing profit margins and its the reason B.O.P took 3 years to develop before it eventually launched 6 months ago.

So that’s some of the background. There is a short presentation video right at the bottom of the page in case you want to see any more detail, but…

What Exactly Is Beon Push?

Beon Push is a REVENUE SHARING business.

Rev Shares are not an industry within themselves. They are built within an industry.

Many are based in the advertising industry and offer generous shares of the company revenue in return for predetermined activity. They can be a Cash Cow! cash-cow

In the ‘mainstream’ world, a comparison may be the John Lewis Group or a Co-operative, where the company shares a portion of its annual profits with its actively employed members as a ‘thank you’ for helping in the successful growth.

Online Rev Shares generally pay their members daily (some hourly or less) and are becoming more and more popular.

As a result they are also becoming easy to start and unfortunately they are not always built on strong business foundations. In fact in many instances, what appears to be a rev share can in fact be little more than a Ponzi in disguise. (see my post on What Is A Scam)

As stated above, the industry that Beon Push are based within is incredibly strong despite being in its infancy.

The business trades in digital advertising space within the RTB networks. It essentially uses funds provided by the members in order to both buy & sell space. (It has no front end product to purchase)

This works in a similar fashion to trading currency (again, no front end product). Each trade makes a profit (or loss) and in Beon Push, much like a trade brokerage, those profits are shared based on how much money was put up. Greater membership, greater revenue = greater earning opportunity.

Additionally, the business utilizes the IP addresses and browsing data of its members and uses these as further income generating assets. (as do many websites that you visit everyday and never get paid a dime from).

In summary, Beon Push makes its money BECAUSE OF ITS MEMBERS and so shares that money. The members are not buying products or services from BOP, they are providing BOP with the ability to create wealth. That wealth creation from trading and from our data is the back bone of the business.

But how does that affect you?

What is the opportunity for you?

IMPORTANT – As a member, you are invited to participate in the revenue sharing programme. It has been compared to an investment and it is understandable why…BUT it is not an INVESTMENT! You benefit from the share of the profits. There is no financial/investment advice provided by the business or it’s members. Profit sharing is not investing and sensible money management is recommended. You purchase ‘investment packs’ and earn a proportion of the revenue based on how many packs you own.

Revenue share & other benefits are paid to members in a number of ways:-

  1. Profit Share – You’ll earn upto 150% per ‘Investment Pack’ that you purchase. Packs start at $20 & end at $10,000. Each pack earns 150% of its purchase value. This is paid daily 5 days per week as a percentage of the previous trading days profits.  The more/greater value of packs you own, the more revenue share you earn. SIDENOTE – There are 5 trading days per week. Daily percentage
  2. Referral Commissions (level 1) – For every additional member that you personally refer to Beon Push, you will receive 13% of their spend. The percentage is paid on the initial purchase from their own funds AND any subsequent purchases from earned funds.
  3. Referral Commissions (level 2) – For every additional member that is referred via one of your direct referrals, you will recieve 2% of their spend. Same terms as level 1.
  4. Binary Commissions – This is an additional bonus for most and does appear to cause some confusion amongst new members who have never worked with a binary commission structure before. (I would recommend watching the video below to get a clearer understanding). 10% commission is paid to each member who has an active binary structure. This 10% is paid based on the daily spend of the members weakest binary leg. (DO NOT get hung up or confused on the binary…It is a bonus, and it will come together as a result of doing the basics)

Who Is This Suitable For?

As long as someone is old enough (18+), I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t be suitable for everyone. No special skills are required and it can be very simple. All that seems to be needed is…

If Passive…An ability to fund your online account with the money to purchase investment packs and then, on a daily basis, either withdraw profit or repurchase more investment packs to grow further.

If Non Passive…An ability to refer others & team build (either person to person or using some of the business systems that are available to do so) e.g. The BOSS-X Formula – Click Here or visit my Power Lead System page to find out more.


Beon Push Negative Points:-

Beon Push Plus Points:-

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration is entirely free. Upon registration, your place within the binary structure is secured and you should begin receiving new members spilling over into your down-line from your team-mates above.

To activate your business account you must make a minimum purchase of $20 by funding your Payza account with money, then add funds to your Beon Push Ewallet. Once added, visit BUY PACKS and make your first purchase.

Beyond that, the price is relative to your personal circumstances.

Investment packs range in price upto $10,000 with each earning 150% so there is a huge temptation to throw life savings into it. I would advise using your own sensible money management to make a business decision. Most members appear to be buying between $1000-5000 worth of investment packs to get started but decide what is comfortable to you.


I have found there are a number of strategies to maximise earnings in Beon Push. I discuss these in my private members Facebook group.

Final Thoughts…

I believe I’m fortunate to have found this at an early stage in its development but more so, got involved with a strong leadership group who has influence at a corporate level.

WinnerHaving assessed the business in every area, I will be continuing as a member and promoting it through my network.

If you’ve been handed this review by a colleague/friend, I’d take the opportunity to get back to them as soon as possible and plan to move forward.

Alternatively if you are looking at getting involved and need a strong sponsor, I’m happy to welcome you into our growing organization. – Join Here

As I mentioned, I review from the inside and despite not yet marketing this company through any of my public profiles, my downline/organization already exceeds 700 members within 2 weeks of testing…It is an opportunity worth promoting.

The handful of negative points all appear to be ‘Work in progress’ and the 8/10 review would no doubt be higher once those are addressed.

Quite frankly I have never experienced anything like it!

You can find out more by visiting my Beon Push page here

I hope this review has provided a suitable insight into Beon Push…I’d welcome your comments. You can check out the corporate presentation at the bottom of the email.

To your success,

The KC


PS…See the corporate presentation video below >>>>>>






March 15, 2016 @ 10:39 pm

Hi Rich
Great review.
I’ve heard of this company but not listened to any presentation as detailed or read any reviews. Is RTB same as Retargeting?
If so that is a hugh market and I hope this would stay for long. I do find their marketing system a bit complicated. This could be because it’s the first time I’m hearing it.

    March 17, 2016 @ 12:50 pm

    Hey Kavinah,

    I think you’d find the presentation really interesting. It highlights the specifics of RTB. In fact…Here is a generic video about RTB from a 3rd party ad consultancy firm (not Beon Push). I think you’ll find it really interesting. –
    For me, one of the things that I like the best about B.O.P. is that, despite the complexity of the industry and what happens ‘behind the scenes’, the front end of Beon Push is incredibly simple.
    I hope the videos help. :)


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