7 Steps To Making Money Online

September 6, 2016

People think making money online is easy…But nothing in life is easy unless we have a blueprint. A strategy. A system. Some simple steps!?

In this post I’m going to share 7 steps to making money online and my intention is that you’ll have a complete success blueprint by the end of it!

These aren’t going to be your traditional steps though (You know…Think positive? write down your goals? blah blah blah?), I’m assuming that we’ve got passed that stage…

These steps are going to be the 7 pieces of my personal online strategy!


Why A Strategy?

One of the biggest problems I’ve found from helping people earn money online, is their lack of focus.

There are so many business opportunities out there with so many people succeeding and grasping for the attention of new people.  It is a minefield and very easy to get distracted.

The benefit of a clear cut strategy is the clarity of knowing, step by step, whats required. And by that, I mean…What is financially required!

You see, most people join an opportunity and just hope to get their money back or maybe a bit of profit. They rarely believe that they are going to ‘Make It’ online!?

But why not? Online is a level playing field and absolutely ANYONE can make it.

The limited thinking of most people creates a cycle of events that go something along these lines…

With no clear cut strategy, most are destined to go round in circles until eventually quitting and going back to normal life.

What Are The 7 Steps

These steps are actual businesses/business opportunities that I and my team use in a strategic way.

Buy using these 7 steps to make money online, we are able to upscale our businesses without being stung in our pocket.

My aim when I created this strategy was to help everyone to earn online properly! But that involves having a marketing budget.

My first aim was to help people get to a stage where their marketing budget was paid for from their own profits!

This video gives a brief overview and compares this strategy to that of a friend of mine.


Below are links to each of the businesses which make up this strategy.

I have broken them down into the stages with start up costs, expected work requirements and expected earnings.

Level 1 – Building A Recurring Budget

Start up – $17 minimum BOSSX Marketing Budget

Work required – 15mins to set up. 5-10mins per day to maintain. Optional promotion/marketing for faster results.

Target earnings – $200-500pm+

See the Level 1 presentation – Here


  1. Lead Lightening – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/LeadGen
  2. My Paying Ads – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/joinmpa
  3. My24 Hour Income – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/joinmy24

Optional (but profitable):-

  1. Leased Ad Space – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/joinlas

My Paying Ads (MPA) & My24 Hour Income (My24) are Traffic Exchange websites.  Purchase at least $5 worth of advertising (adpacks) on each and use that to promote LeadLightening (LL) and/or Leased Ad Space (LAS).

MPA & My24 pay a daily revenue share from the company profits (based on their advertising sales).

Your ‘work’ is to view/surf a minimum number of adverts on those websites. In return you will receive a share of the company profits based on the number of advertising packages you own.

Use profits from the sale of LL/LAS and from the Rev Share in MPA/My24 to buy more adpacks and get to a daily income of $10/day as quickly as possible. DO NOT waste your money.  Keep building until you have the budget to level up.

Then move onto Level 2! (You will continue to earn from level 1 whilst ever you are surfing your daily ads in MPA/My24)

Level 2 – Building A Residual Income

Start up – Free trial followed by $45 + $53 per monthmomentum

Marketing costs – $50 per week MINIMUM

Work required – 45 mins set up. 30 mins per week booking paid adverts. (This is a minimum. If you want to be successful online, you will also spend every waking minute promoting this everywhere possible [You’ll be taught how to do this])

Target earnings – $500 – 2000pm+

See the Level 2 presentation – here

  1. Wealthy Affiliate – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/wa
  2. Power Lead System – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/plsinfo
  3. Udimi – http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/udimi

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a university, tools & resource suite that teaches how to be an affiliate/online marketer in ANY niche.

Power Lead System (PLS) is a sales system and sales funnel suite with a contact management system that collects your leads and funnels them through an automated system, converting them from enquiries to cash.

Udimi is one of many Solo Ad websites that I will recommend to you.

I’ve created an automated system which will sell WA & PLS on your behalf by using Solo ads provided by Udimi (who also pay you commission).

You will earn from the sale of WA/PLS/Udimi ads PLUS WA & PLS are stand alone businesses which you can use to generate ADDITIONAL income outside of this strategy.

Again, do not waste your earnings. Build and as soon as you have $2000 available to scale up, move to level 3.

Level 3 – Lifestyle Money

Start up – $1600

Marketing costs – $500 per month (Minimum)


Work required – Self promotion and arranging marketing campaigns. (Flexible to suit your lifestyle/business needs)

Target earnings – $3000 – $5000pm+

See the Level 3 presentation – here

Exitus Elite –http://thekeyboardcapitalist.com/exitusinfo

Exitus Elite is a sales and marketing company. They sell a lifestyle development library. (more accurately, they sell the resale rights to the library).

Once you have purchased the library for yourself you retain the resale rights and make $1300 commission per sale. You make sales via your automated system and your online marketing activity.

The Summary

Each one of the above businesses is an effective way to generate income and can be joined, then worked as a stand alone business.

In my experience though, relying on one income source is a road destined to failure.  Trying to juggle many businesses without support and training is a road destined to failure…However, having many businesses which complement each other, feed each other and provide you with exceptional training, tools and resources to move your effectiveness to the next level, whilst receiving the support of a pro-active team? That is a road destined for success.

I am currently looking to work with more people. I have a team hungry to help others and if you you want to get serious online, we have the strategy to help.

Here is a good place to start – http://thebossxformula.com

If you wish to see the kind of people involved and what stages they are at, you’re welcome to join my Facebook group by searching FB for ‘BOSSX with TheKC’.

Leave some comments below. Let me know your thoughts and feedback.  I love to hear from people who are getting results.

To your success.


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