5 Reasons To Host Local Meetings!

March 2, 2016

5 Reasons To Host Local Meetings!

Can old school network marketing methods work in a modern online world?

Well, here’s my thoughts on that…

ALL MARKETING WORKS if you do enough of it.

Real life meetings should not be the life blood of an online business though. We’re online for a reason, right?

If we wanted to be ‘Face to Face’ we wouldn’t be online and, more important, you can’t duplicate face to face!

So why am I approving this as an M.O. (method of operation)?

Because…for leaders it works!

There are huge benefits associated with Local meetings and in particular, it’s an opportunity to elevate yourself as a leader, create a following and ultimately position yourself as a figure worth following.

Here are 5 key reasons why your business methods SHOULD include local meetings…

  1. The online world is full of fake guru’s and phoneys…Being there in person removes the veil of anonymity
  2. Your time is still leveraged…Ok, so maybe an online webinar will reach 1000 people but the credibility from a face to face with a few dozen will hold just as much (if not more) momentum!
  3. Leaders want a 2 way opportunity…Often leaders calls/conference calls etc are limited in numbers or just you speaking AT them. Local leader meetings of a few dozen people gives a real opportunity for 2 way engagement. Your leaders want to feel like a contributor, not just a member.
  4. Feedback is essential!…What is really happening in your business? A conference call gives little chance for mass feedback. If your business is full of “Yes Men”, then you will struggle to grow.
  5. Shared learning & reinforcement…Attendees will contribute in a way that others may have thought of. The value from many people’s input can outweigh even the smartest individual.

12787228_10154101631339683_411716296_oWe were meeting today to roll out the launch of our Beon Push organisation and talk about the up and coming sales funnel that we release in a few days.

Take a look here at what is happening and find out why I have had over 700 people join my team in less than 2 weeks!!!

If you’re serious about earning online, you need to get on board with this.

That’s not a sales pitch…It’s just the way it is!

To your success,



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